Production Companies To Watch In 2017

03. January 2017 Films 0

In addition to my documentary work, I’ve spent a lot of my time working with a variety of different production companies here in the Pacific Northwest. Working with production companies is a great way to expose yourself to a variety of different projects and styles. The projects are short, typically a few days long and can range from shooting interviews in an office to being on a location taking landscape shots.

Companies are typically producing content for online ads and social media accounts. The footage that is being produced is on par with the type of footage we’re seeing on television and even from high end brands. A lot of this can be credited to the accessibility of professional grade camera gear to the average consumer. Don’t believe me? Check out this footage from a company creating video production in San Francisco:

These guys are producing some phenomenal drone footage at the moment and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what they’re going to produce this year. Check out more of MarketMe Video on Facebook

One of the coolest parts of the video production space is all the variety of speciality companies. Some business decide to focus on one specific part of the industry and excel at it. Here is an example of a london based company that does amazing work in the fashion video space. Check out Pocket Motion Films

The last company that I’m really looking forward to seeing is this company based in Sydney. The Grindhouse have been producing some awesome work at of late. They don’t specialize in any specific type of video production but I still love how well polished each an every video they put out is.

I’m looking forward to see the work these guys put out this year. I’m always on the looking for new companies coming up through the ranks. Hit me up if you know of any cool videos. I’ll definitely be doing another post in a few months with any new companies I find.




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