My Top 3 Films Of 2016?

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My Top 3 Films Of 2016?

When people talk about 2016, they often describe it as being an awful year. While this year was definitely tumultuous, it did have some positive traits. For example, there were some incredible films released over the course of the year.

While 2016 saw many wonderful movies, these three are the best of the best.


Moonlight wasn’t on many people’s radars prior to its release. After people had the chance to see it, they were bowled over with emotion. This film is on track to win a number of awards, and it is also on track to win over people’s hearts.

While a lot of people aren’t able to relate to the story on a personal level, the strong script and incredible acting have allowed people to forge a powerful emotional connection with this film.

La La Land

The musical isn’t as popular as it used to be. Musicals aren’t something that most movie-goers flock to see in the theaters.

However, La La Land might be able to change all of that. The film, which stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, has been compared to the classic film An American In Paris. A lot of people are blown over by how beautiful and heartfelt it is.

Manchester By The Sea

If you’re willing to shed some tears, you should definitely set aside some time to watch Manchester By The Sea. This film, which stars Casey Affleck, tends to bring out a strong emotional response in people.

These are just three of the great films released in 2016. There were many other excellent films released in this year as well, from superhero blockbusters to Star Wars movies. While not everyone was thrilled with this year as a whole, anyone who went to the movies this year could have a great time.

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